Prof. Dr. Serdar ÖZGEN

Spine Surgery

Dr. Özgen, after completing his high school at Saint Joseph French High School, he received his medical degree from Istanbul University, Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine and he has finished his Neurosurgery Residency, at Marmara University, Department of Neurosurgery Istanbul. He has been Spinal Surgery Research Fellow between1997- 1998 at UAMS, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. He became assistant professor in 1998, associate professor in 2005 at Marmara University Dept of Neurosurgery.

Since March 2009 he works as Professor in Acıbadem University, Department of Neurosurgery and Spine Center.

Dr. Özgen has published more than 51 articles in SCI cited journals. His research interests are in the vertebral artery and cervical spine. His clinical practice is specially focus on cervical area, deformity, degenerative spine and aging spine, failed back surgery, minimal invasive surgery.

Member Societies

  • AO Spine
  • European Spine Society
  • NASS North America Spine Society
  • Turkish Spine Society
  • Turkish Neurosurgical Society Spinal Surgery Group
  • Turkish Neurosurgical Society