Prof. Dr. Harzem ÖZGER


Bone and soft tissue tumors are much less common than malignant tumors (cancers) of tissues such as breast, lung, and prostate. It is not expected that someone who is not in medicine, even physicians who are not particularly interested in this issue, have sufficient information about these tumors. For this reason, unfortunately, all of our colleagues from time to time observe that many patients can be treated with delays, misdirections, inadequate and incorrect applications.
Today, we can save the lives of 65% of our patients even in the most malignant tumors, but we still lose 35% of the patient group. This shows us that we do not have the right to make mistakes that can be prevented.

The success of this treatment, which can be achieved in bone and soft tissue tumors, depends on the application of diagnosis and treatment in centers with sufficient knowledge, experience and equipment. Equally important is that physicians and patients can access correct information and be guided correctly.
I have been dealing with orthopedic oncology since 1990, I have actively participated and still participate in all relevant international and national meetings. I am a member of important orthopedic oncology associations in the world. There are many international and national publications and notifications. I tried to convey my knowledge and experience on this subject to my colleagues at every opportunity and I am working. However, my current clinical observations have shown me that the efforts in the scientific field alone are not enough to reach the society.